Why isn’t your pricing listed on your website?TOP

Good question! I have refrained from listing concrete prices because all of my packages are designed custom for you.  If you want me as your photographer, we’ll figure out a price that works for both of us, assuming I’m available on your wedding date.  My goal is to make sure you get the wedding photos you want, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Need a payment plan? Don’t be afraid to ask! I’m willing to work with you financially to ensure all of your dreams come true.

Please note: In the state of Texas, photography is subject to Texas State and Local Sales And Use Taxes (“sales tax”).  As a permitted business operating in the State of Texas, Brittany Feagans Photography is required by the State of Texas to collect sales tax on all your purchases and remit those sales taxes to the Comptrollers office. Please note that none of the prices on this website include these sales taxes. The state and local sales taxes (which combine to 8.25%) are added to the purchase price at the time of the sale, and then remitted by Brittany Feagans Photography to the State of Texas.

You live in Texas. Will you travel for my wedding? What will it cost me?TOP

YES!  When I moved to Texas, I had 15 weddings booked in the Midwest. My vision is to be considered a national (and someday international) photographer. So far I’ve got weddings for 2014-2015 booked in six states (Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, California and Arizona). I build my pricing into all of my packages, so you don’t have to worry about any lingering travel fees. We discuss everything ahead of time, so it will appear in the contract. It’s more important to me to ensure you get the wedding photography of your dreams than to charge for petty travel fees. I can almost guarantee I’ll shoot your wedding for the same price as any local photographer. Wedding photography is my number one passion, and traveling is a close second. So yes, I’d be ecstatic to shoot your wedding out of state! OR out of the country!

How does the wedding album process work?TOP

All of my wedding albums are custom designed especially for you!  That’s right, your album will be completely, 100% unique — no templates for this girl! If you order an album (which you can do pre-wedding or post-wedding), the first step is to choose between 80-100 photos you want in the album.  Don’t feel overwhelmed, these photos can be changed after you see the initial design.  After you’ve chosen the photos, leave the design work to me.  I’ll use your photos to create a beautiful storybook of your special day. Once I have the initial design, I’ll upload it and password protect it so you can leave me comments on each page (as critical as you want!) and let me know what you love and what you’d like changed. From there we’ll repeat the process until the PERFECT album has been created.

What if I need to reschedule my portrait or engagement shoot?TOP

Need to reschedule? Not a problem. Since deposits are paid for before being booked, once you’ve paid on our decided price, you’ve paid for the time allotted. Get called into work at the last minute? Not feeling good? No problem, let’s reschedule! The sooner I’m notified, the better, but no worries — we’ll find another time that works for both of us.

Do you offer payment plans?TOP

Yes! Once we establish a price, we can establish a payment plan as well. Don’t feel comfortable paying everything up front? No worries. We’ll create a custom payment plan that works for YOU.

What should I expect from an engagement session? What do I wear? What about bridals?TOP

An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to showcase the personalities of you and your fiancé. My sessions include unlimited locations and outfit changes, so no idea goes unphotographed! Did you meet at a baseball game? Let’s stop at a baseball field! Are you both Iowa Hawkeyes fans? Break out the black and yellow for a few fun photos. Engagement sessions are a great way to really get to know your photographer and bond before the wedding. I recommend you check out my Pinterest page for ideas!

A bridal portrait session is a wonderful way to do a “trial run” for hair and makeup before the big day, while knocking out those bridal photos in a gorgeous location of your choice. Typically bridal sessions require hair, makeup, shoes, bouquet, jewelry and oh yeah, that gorgeous white dress of your dreams. Ask me about my favorite places for bridals! I love this Southern tradition!