Lindsey & Travis

Lindsey & Travis

Always the life of the party at Wartburg College, Lindsey married Travis in a New Years Eve celebration on December 31, 2011.  Lindsey was my first “Pinterest Bride,” and we created a lengthy shot list out of her rustic pins, going above and beyond her Pinterest desires to personalize each photo.  Lindsey’s wedding was the largest wedding (and wedding party — 22 people!) I’d photographed, but it wasn’t an issue at all!

Josh and I showed up at the church for Rehearsal the night before, where the wedding party was decked out in Ugly Sweaters.  Hilarious!  After Reherasal Dinner, I snagged the wedding rings and went to work creating Lindsey’s detail shots.  Twine, buttons, a Bible, ribbons, a quilt, cowboy boots… I had a blast getting down’n’dirty artistically!

The day of the wedding we arrived at the church bright and early.  Lindsey and her bridesmaids goofed off while getting ready, then the bride and groom met each other in the church for an intimate moment.  After that we headed outside for bridal party photos.  It might have been New Years Eve in Iowa, but it was 55 degrees and sunny!  Lindsey’s bridesmaids didn’t even get to use the custom muffs she made them — boo! — but the whole bridal party wore cowboy boots to play up the rustic country theme.

We headed to a random barn for group photos, and had some fun with “Just Married” and “They Lived Happily Ever After” signs Lindsey created from Pinterest adaptations.  I loved the rustic red barn we found in the Iowa City country… picturesque!  As the bridal party headed back to the church, I snagged the bride and groom for some romantic pictures before the ceremony.

As a wedding photographer, my favorite part of the ceremony had to be the first kiss.  Although it’s always a special moment between the newlywed bride and groom, Trav gave it a little extra “oomph” by fist pumping as he locked lips with Lindsey.  Memorable for sure!Meade Storyboard

After the ceremony, the bride and groom stepped out into a balloon release, beautiful against the blue winter sky.  The bridal party hopped on a party bus and off we went to get the party started!  Let me just tell you — these Iowa folks really know how to let loose!  It was great seeing so many familiar faces of fellow Wartburg College classmates celebrating such a joyous occasion.  We drove around and stopped at a bar, where the bride and groom noticed two horses outside the barn.  Lindsey asked a woman if they could ride them, and before I knew it, my bride had mounted this random horse and was calling for her groom to get on the other one for an impromptu photo op!  I live for moments like this, and the sun setting in the background created the perfect backdrop.

The reception was held at the Celebration Farm in Solon, Iowa.  This rustic barn was decked out in handmade rustic decorations.  Beautiful table runners, wooden stars, birch carvings, and mason jars galore!  The bride even made over 1,000 cake balls — all different flavors — for her guests.

The bridal party made quite the entrance, with everyone wearing fake mustaches and performing various dances.  Lindsey and Trav’s entrance, by far the finale, ended with the crowd singing and dancing to the Iowa Hawkeye theme song.  A delicious dinner of prime rib followed, with hilarious, heartfelt toasts to wrap up the feast.

Open bar + dancing + New Years Eve = One crazy night!!!  From the Cupid Shuffle, to Red Solo Cup, to the Cha Cha Slide, to Chicken Fried, these Iowans knew how to party.  At midnight, the DJ released a balloon drop of black and silver balloons filled with scratch lottery tickets.  The couple had told a few select people about the lotto tickets, and as the newlyweds danced and kissed under a shower of balloons, guests scrambled to pop the balloons in search of prizes.  Josh even won $30 — atta boy!

I ended my 17 hour day with sore feet (wearing cowboy boots for 17 hours is not a good idea!), a smile on my face, and a custom-embroidered pair of granny panties (thanks, Lindsey!).  This was such a fun wedding and I’m so grateful I got to be part of it!

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