Anna & David

Anna & David

Anna and David make such an enchanting couple. A photographer friend of mine, Brittany Langfeldt, was hired to shoot Anna and David’s big day, and since it was her first wedding, she hired me along to help out and serve as second shooter.  Brittany did a phenomenal job, and it was so much fun collaborating!

Anna looked phenomenal in her wedding dress, like an elegant princess.  I must say, I’ve never seen anyone with such tiny fingers — her wedding ring is sooo small!  Anna’s shoes and tiara really complimented the detail on her gown.

David’s sister, Danielle, went to high school with both of us Brittanys, so it was nice to reconnect with her. Anna is from a tight-nitAnderson Storyboard family, and it was heartwarming seeing her sisters fawn over her on her big day. The church was big and beautiful, the leaves a bright autumn red, and the reception was hoppin’.

My favorite part of the reception had to be the mother/son dance … David chose to dance with his mom to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” a personal favorite of mine. I was moved to tears!

Anna and David just welcomed their little girl, Sophia, early January 2013. Such an amazing little family!

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